The Kaos Island
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When does the server wipe?

The season last a minimum of 31 days depending on the population.

Does the administration play on the server?

NO, the administrators never plays on TKI servers.

What are the server rates?

Triberanks will now need time to charge up to their full rate boost.
This means you will need to prove yourself worthy of being a small tribe instead of tribehopping or abusing the rates right on > wipe day.
This also allows us the provide much higher rates for the smaller tribes without having to worry about abuse.
The following rates will slowly increase your rates over time until you reach the desired tribe rates.
  • Tribe of 1 Player: x23
  • Tribe of 2 Player: x11
  • Tribe of 3 Players: x8
  • Tribe of 4 Players: x7
  • Tribe of 5 Players: x6
  • Tribe of 6 Players: x6
  • Tribe of 7 Players: x5
  • Tribe of 8 Players: x5

What will happen if I do popcorn while getting raid?

You will get banned for 2 seasons and the attacker tribe will get everything you got from a back up that the administration will open on our TEST SERVER.

When does the PvE Protection starts?

The PvE Protection starts 8h after the start of season and lasts for 64 hours.

Why my structures are getting destroyed if I have PvE Protection?

PvE Protection uses the range of the MAGA ORP. Please make sure to place a MAGA ORP in your base.

How do I check if my structures are protected inside the MAGA ORP?

Simply by typing /orp in the ingame chat it will tell you if you are in the ORP zone.

I have removed my PvE Protection by accident, can I get it back?

Unfortunately there is no accident by removing the PvE Protection, once is removed there is no way back.

How do I get a Kit Recovery?

You can apply for a recovery kit when most of your structures have been destroyed. Open a ticket in the following 📧│create-a-ticket and attached 3/4 screenshots of your tribe logs and a picture of your base raided.

How do I know the Decay time from my structures?

Type /decay while looking at your structure and it will show you the decay time when offlined.

  • Thatch: 21 hours
  • Wood: 1 day & 12 hours
  • Adobe: 3 days
  • Stone: 3 days
  • Metal: 5 days
  • Tek: 7 days

Why my foundations are getting auto-decay?

You must snap 2 foundations together or place a foundation+ladder together.

This system is placed to avoid unnecessary abandon spam in map which can cause lag.

Can I place a MAGA ORP inside the cave?

You won't be able to place the MAGA ORP where Wildcard considers as cave, some other caves and ratholes you might be able to place the MAGA ORP.

Can I rank up my rank for free?

Yes you can! Check out our 📝│info-servidor for info.

When does the server have a daily-update?

Everyday at 03:00 am CET there is a server daily-update.

Do we have a Kit Starter?

Yes you do, once you are ingame, press F2 and click in "kits".

My game crash and it says "There is already a player with this account connected?

Use the command /kickme in the following 📟│bot-commands in discord.

Is there solo farm on the server?

Yes we do have solo farm. The solo farm only works for tribes no larger than 3 members.

How do I activate the solo farm?

You have to look at the dino in particularly and type /farm.

For what is the command /upload?

The command /upload is ONLY to upload tributes. To download them again type /download.

How do I open the TKI Lootboxes?

Type in the in-game chat /open TKI "Lootbox name" (Use first capital letter).

Example: /open TKI-Kaos

Can I transfer element around the maps?

Unfortunately not, we have this option disable (For now!). The only way to transfer element is by transforming it to element dust.

How do I buy a DINO with points?

Press F2 and choose the one you like the most.

Where does the DINO I buy appear?

The dino will appear in yyour inventory inside a cryopod.

What happens if I buy an aquatic dino on land?

The dino will automatically die when you buy it, make sure you are in the water.

Why my Tek Replicator, Tek Transmitter hasn't been unlock after doing the boss fight?

This is because the S+ Structures are not considered as TEK. The S+ Replicator, S+ Transmitter can be learned automatically reaching level 105.

How do I link my account with discord?

First of all, you will have to link your steam account with discord and type /verify in the following 📟│bot-commands channel.

Do you have Raidwarning?

Yes we do, just type /settribeloghook in the in-game chat.