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Normas PVP

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  • Rule 1 - It is forbidden to build bases or defensive structures in the respawn areas of players.
  • Rule 2 - It is prohibited that any player or tribe that has pve attack, steals an outpost, puts turret structures near other bases, helps other tribes to attack or defend, kill the dinos that are tamening others tribes putting turrets or any other way that prevents them from getting tameo if one or both tribes have pve or any other similar thing that affects another tribe.
  • Rule 3 - It is forbidden for any tribe to harass, turret, prevent its growth or anything else that negatively affects the growth of a tribe that has pve.
  • Rule 4 - Administrators will not remove any structure from another tribe except to block the passage to enter or leave a base, prevent its growth or sea from a tribe that has left the server.
  • Rule 5 - It is forbidden to use fence foundations (or similar things) or invisible foundations to prevent other tribes from building near a base (also their s + versions).
    • Sanction: It will be notified and if the tribe has not removed them 24 hours after the administrators will remove them with meks and will not be responsible for what is destroyed by accident.
  • Rule 6 - The structures will be destroyed after 5 days if no member of the tribe connects. If for some reason you are going to be more inactive days you should talk to the administration so we will not destroy your base.
  • Regla 7 – Toda tribu atacada con éxito y gran parte de las estructuras hayan sido destruidas puede hablar con la administración para pedir el kit recover y el pve podrá variar entre 12 a 72 horas. El kit Recover solo se dará si el ataque es en la base principal, la matanza de dinos o destrucción de torres con torretas no da derecho a un recover ni pve.
  • Rule 8 - Prohibited offensive language or spam.
  • Regla 9 – Se permite atacar a jugadores y dinos aunque estos se encuentren en pasivo (esto no supone una sanción ya que es algo imposible de comprobar). Estará prohibido que el jugador ataque a otros jugadores o dino si tiene pve alguno de los dos y usa estructuras para matarlo.
  • Rule 10 - Prohibited to build in artifact caves or near the entrance. Artifact caves must be accessible to any user and must be able to leave safely. This is also applicable to obelisks and farmeo caves (it is allowed to kill without using structures).
  • Rule 11 - Prohibited to trade server goods for real money. It is a reason for banning.
  • Rule 12 - Any player who takes advantage of bugs or errors in the game (such as dupeing, fabricating enforcer, etc.) will be punished by the administration and depending on the severity of the acts could reach the permanent server ban . If you doubt it is better to ask us before.
  • Rule 13 - Prohibited to use names such as human, 123, etc. that do not allow to easily identify the player.
  • Rule 14 - It is prohibited to place any structure near other buildings to prevent its growth. It will only be allowed at the time of attacking a base but as soon as the attack is over they must be completely withdrawn or destroyed by the administration without asking.
  • Rule 15 - It is forbidden to make more than one attack per day on the same tribe. Once an attack is finished it has to pass a period of 24 hours before making another attack on the same tribe (If the attack is stopped for more than 1h is considered that the attack ended and will have to wait the period of 24 hours). Grifear will not be considered an attack but the moment you destroy a structure either from the main base or far away (like a tower of turrets) it will stop being a grifeo and will enter as an attack. You can put the dinos in enclosures or use the cryopods and cryoneveras of the store that their price is very reduced to facilitate their purchase.
  • Regla 16 – Prohibido tirar dinos salvajes en otras bases o dinos liberados con la intención de matar dinos sin que se sepa quien lo ha hecho.
  • Rule 17 - It is forbidden to attack the tribe called Command Admin since it is the administration and does not have time to repair the base with the management of the server nor does it want people to think that we invoke everything we have. The Command Admin tribe will not attack any tribe since it will play only in pve for the tranquility of the server players.
  • Rule 18 - It is prohibited to fly on the aberration map. Any player who is seen using a flying dino will be penalized with the loss of the dinosaur, if he recidivizes he can be punished up to 24 hours of banning.
  • Rules 19 - It is forbidden to place random turrets randomly for the kill to kill other players and dinos. It is allowed to place them in a timely manner to defend a tameo or similar things.
  • What is not allowed to a pve player are the following things
    • 1- That a player take an outpost and put structures around him
    • 2- That a player put defenses or structures to help another tribe defend or attack or put structures to kill dinos that another tribe is tame
    • 3- That a player places structures or turrets to attack or damage another tribe or prevent its expansion
  • Rules 20 - All tribes are obligated to use the same tribe name to facilitate their recognition or they will be severely punished by having to return everything stolen. It is also forbidden on one map to belong to one tribe and on other maps to another tribe.
  • Rule 21 - Tunnel raiding (abusing the exploit where you can build to someone’s base avoiding turrets using metal walls and structures) is now prohibited and any further use of this method will result in a 24 hour ban and the wiping of the base of the offender.
  • Rule 22 - Killing dinos to a tribe on PvE will permited every 72 hours.
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