The Kaos Island
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The Kaos Island

ARK Survival Evolved x10

The Island

About The Kaos Island Gaming Community

The Kaos Island is a group of servers with capacity up to 70 people on each server.
We have administrators almost 24 hours a day and several mods to improve the gameplay of the game which will be detailed below. There will be monthly events with prizes like Wyvern Eggs, blueprints, etc..

Disponemos de un sistema de puntos que se van ganando cada 15 minutos de juego continuo que se pueden gastar en la compra dinos de la tienda online con niveles de hasta 250.
We also have a protection system to protect all the structures of the tribe until 3 days of real time pass or the tribe decides to deactivate it manually (while it is protected it is not possible to attack other structures).


Número de temporadas


Eventos realizados


Dodos capturados

Próximo wipe

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